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The Hardball NY Training Center offers comprehensive baseball training programs to meet the needs of individuals, small groups and teams of all abilities. From the hardcore dedicated individual striving to play at the highest levels, to the recreational player who wants to tune up going into the season, Hardball NY will develop a plan to meet your needs and goals.

For individuals, our professional coaching staff will first meet with the student-athlete and his parents to gauge what stage of development they are at, what their goals are and how far they want to take their game. Instructors will then conduct an initial evaluation segment from a skill perspective to develop a plan focused on complete development from start to finish.  Throughout the instructional program, video analysis will play a key component in the learning process, allowing the instructor, student-athlete, and parents to observe instruction, results, and target areas for improvement.  Progress of each student-athlete is tracked and logged with ongoing assessment and periodic re-evaluation based on performance to develop the next steps for success.

Groups and teams can also work with Hardball NY. Our instructors will develop a program based on the goals of each group.  Whether it's pre-season training sessions, a mid-season maintenance program, or an off-season developmental focus, Hardball NY will help you and your teams improve every day, year-round.

Progress and development from A to Z is the ultimate goal. At Hardball NY, everyone has the ability to improve their level of play!

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